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Florett collection

For more than 50 years we have been specialising in comfortable shoes. Our business philosphy makes a special point of producing shoes offering feet natural movement. Neither toes nor feet are squeezed in.

In our summer collection we offer quite a range of open-backed shoes and sandals. But however different they may look, they have one thing in common: they are comfortable!

So as to stop too much irritation of the sole, we have added an active padding which helps in those areas which are under most pressure when walking or standing.

Moreover, there are different widths starting off with "G" (normal, comfortable) right up to "K" for very broad feet. 
Talking of broad feet: we take special care to secure easy handling by velcro fasteners, elastics and other adjustable fastenings.

For Winter we offer a large range of waterproof boots. Our company was among the first to produce boots with Tex-membrane. This was in 1998! Since then we keep on improving design, technical details as well as technique of production. This together with the use of the newest up-to-date technical materials makes us one of the leading companies in the market.

So we have been following our programme for years and still do: away from mass produced articles to products that are very special, goods that are not offered by everybody. The lasts come in many widths - up to super wide "R"- or the use of excellent materials make our products outstanding. This shows for example in the use of pure wool and in the upper made of micro-velour.

Our lasts are a genuine copy of people's feet and they are also the basis of our own professional work.

In developing our lasts we do not only rely on our own experience in producing shoes for almost 50 years, but also on the result of consultations with German and international specialists.

Here you can find our catalogue (pdf-file).